All-Natural* Uncured Canadian-Style Bacon

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12 Quarter Slices/oz


4/2.5 lbs

Shelf Life

Can be stored at 0 degrees F for 6 months

Label Qualifiers

Includes Pork Sirloin Hips - After Cooking, Contains Up To 16% Of A Solution** *Minimally Processed - No Artificial Ingredients

Ingredient Statement

*No Artificial Ingredients, Minimally Processed, No Preservatives, No Nitrates or Nitrites Added (Except Those Naturally Occurring In Cultured Celery Powder), Pork Raised Without Added Hormones (Federal Regulations Prohibit The Use Of Added Hormones In Pork) **Solution Ingredients: Water, Salt, Turbinado Sugar, Natural Flavor (Rosemary Extract, Green Tea Extract), Baking Soda, Cultured Celery Powder, Cherry Powder, Sea Salt.

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Freezing Information

Frozen to an internal temperature of at least 0 degrees F after slicing, quartering and packaging

Allergen Information

Contains no allergens.Product is formulated with no gluten-containing ingredients.