Frequently Asked Questions

How can we Help?

We pride ourselves in making sure our customers walk away from each encounter with Hormel Ingredient Solutions feeling more confident and knowledgeable. Some of our most often asked questions are listed below, but if you don’t see an answer to your question, feel free to reach out to us today!

What products does Hormel Ingredient Solutions offer?

Our portfolio includes fully cooked meats, fats, stocks, broths, puddings, gelatins, and peanut butter.

How do I contact my sales manager?

Hormel Ingredient Solutions has several sales managers throughout the United States. To find your region’s assigned sales manager, please contact us directly at

How do I request a sample of your products?

We believe there is no better way to experience the expanded portfolio Hormel Ingredient Solutions offers than by sampling ingredients firsthand. Our generous sampling options will surely inspire your team! To request a sample, contact your sales manager directly or email Please be advised that stock samples typically take 2-3 days to arrive.

Where do I send my purchase orders?

To place an order, please contact the appropriate customer service representative. For fully cooked meats, contact Theresa at For fats, broths, puddings, gelatins, and peanut butter, contact Dina at

Will my orders be combined on one truck?

If your items ship from the same location and have the same purchase order assigned to them, they will be combined on the same truck. If they ship from different locations, they will have separate purchase orders and will arrive on separate trucks.

What is the minimum order for direct shipments?

Usually, the minimum for direct shipment orders is 2,000 lbs. However, we may be able to accommodate smaller shipment orders. To learn more, please contact your sales manager for more information regarding your specific needs.

Who do I contact regarding quality control issues or improvement opportunities?

For expedited quality control requests, please contact your sales manager. To find your assigned sales manager for your region, please contact

Does your expanded portfolio still include dairy?

No. However, our partners at Century Foods International are now managing the dairy business. For more information, please contact Mike Jones at with questions regarding their dairy products.

How do I contact a customer service representative?

Customer service representatives vary by type of product and shipping locations. For a representative handling cooked meat products, please contact Theresa at For a customer service representative handling broths, puddings, gelatins, and peanut butter, please contact Dina at

Are customizable formulations available for each product?

We offer several types of foundational ingredients, including stocks, broths, and fats that perform well on their own or when customized during your formulation process. Our team is available to work with you to customize many of our other ingredients, such as our fully cooked meat products, based on your application and customer needs.

Can I place all my items on the same order?

We do not currently offer the option to place a single purchase order for items across different categories. This is due to the fact that our products are shipped from multiple locations. For details or help placing an order, please contact your customer service representative directly.

Where will my invoice come from?

You will receive an invoice from the facility associated with your purchase order.

Can I buy any Hormel Foods product from my sales representative?

The Hormel Ingredient Solutions portfolio currently includes fully cooked meats, fats, stocks, broths, puddings, gelatins, and peanut butter. We anticipate that in the future, our portfolio will expand to include other products from the Hormel Foods family of brands.

Have my terms changed?

Credit terms have not changed.

What changes can I expect to see from Hormel Ingredient Solutions in the future?

We are dedicated to helping our customers. This means that we’ll continue to find ways to add value to our customers through new product offerings, additional resources, and proven solutions.