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High-Quality Protein Ingredients

Quality recipes start with quality ingredients. Find the widest variety and assortment of protein solutions for your final applications, from foundational products to fully cooked meats.

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Your Ingredient Partner

Anything is possible when you partner with the right protein ingredients company. The Hormel Ingredient Solutions team is ready to work with you to help turn your concepts into winning creations. We work each day to give prepared food manufacturers the competitive edge needed to bring formulations to life and expand portfolios.

Superior Food Ingredients

The most successful applications require the highest quality ingredients. This is why we’re dedicated to providing only the best, from foundational products to fully cooked meats. Our SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing Quality (Edition 8) is the highest certification awarded by the Safe Quality Food Institute, thanks to our commitment to safety and performance.

Industry-Leading Experts

Over a century of combined experience in the food industry helps us rise to meet any solution needed. With a customer-minded approach, we collaborate with you to understand what a consumer wants in order to find the best solution to introduce the final formulation to market.

Work with our Solutions-Driven Team

Take advantage of a full network of resources to inspire, guide, and provide peace of mind while working with the Hormel Ingredient Solutions team. Our problem-solving experts work directly with your team to answer questions and find the right solutions for any unique need. Anything is possible when you find the right ingredient partner.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

It’s difficult to create a quality formulation without sampling the ingredients yourself.